Pastor's Pen - November 2018

November is a time of thankfulness! Thankfulness for our families; thankfulness for our church; thankfulness to God for all of life’s blessings. November is a special month as we are working through our mission study groups. So much has been explored and talked about in regards to “OUR FUTURE STORY.”

Our small groups are gathering and sharing to give us a better picture of who we are and where we want to go, exploring the following questions:

1. What are the people in our congregation passionate about?
We LOVE to do this! Time flies when we do this. When we know we’re doing this – we all anticipate it with great excitement! We believe in it and are willing to sacrifice in order to focus on it.

2. What ministries or programs are we really good at?
What does our community need us to be good at? “Best” means better than everyone else. These are the programs or ministries that we are known for. Our “best at” allows us to utilize our God-given talents and gifts and apply them in a rich and meaningful way to be and share the good news of Jesus Christ in our community. Ideally, our “best at” clearly matches the need of the neighborhood or community in which we are located.

3. What resources do we have available to use and are they ready to be mobilized?
We stand on the shoulders of previous generations who have given sacrificially to this congregation and its facilities. How are we doing as stewards of this resource? Resources are more than just money and facilities. They also include Christians who give their time, trust, leadership. And the place in which we are located; is our building fully utilized for its mission? Does the building cost too much to maintain? Do we spend all of our time going to meetings, or doing mission?

What will our future look like?
These are exciting times when we can look at where we have been and decide where to go with the resources that God has given to us.

Our Future Story (the options New Horizons gives us in regards to the mission study):
a) Mission Redefinition b) Relocation c) Restart d) Parallel Start e) Adoption f) Close g) No Change h) No Decision

As we head into stewardship season, let’s continue to give and love freely as Christ has loved us. Thanks so much!!

Pastor Joanne

Missionary Josh Heikkila's Visit


Josh Heikkila, RPF’s missionary to Central West Africa, visited us during the month of October. He brought pictures, a song in Twi language that we learned to sing and artifacts that were sold to raise money for his ministry. Josh joined us for our church picnic where he also shared photos and stories of his work and the people of the region.

A big thank you to Heather and Kent DeVries who kindly housed him during his visit and to all the folks who took him out for a meal and to the Phil Glashoff art event. He told Dave G. that he was going to have to go on a diet when he got home to Accra, Ghana because we fed him so well.

Read more about Josh’s work as well as other mission projects we support at To personally support Josh to enable him to continue his work, visit His account number is E200353 and if you send a check please put this number on the MEMO line on the lower left hand side of your check. The donation phone number is 800-872-3283 for further information.

Pastor's Pen - October 2018

The Rev. Joanne Martindale

October is a very busy and exciting month. This month the NEW MISSION STUDY GROUPS begin. I encourage all of you who have not signed up to do so. Your feedback about the direction of our congregation is very important. Please look for emails about the six groups and the times and location of those groups. Presently, there are groups on the following days and times:

Thursday Evenings October 4, October 18, Nov 1 and Nov 15
Time: 7:00-8:30 p.m.
Kris Hermon/ Peter and Karen Thor
Thor’s Residence

Sunday Evenings October 7, Oct 21, Nov 4 and Nov 18
Time: 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Peggy and Steve Rollins
Rockville Presbyterian Church

Sunday Afternoons: September 30, October 14, October 28 and Nov 4
Time: 12:00-1:30

Claudia Wathen
Rockville Presbyterian Church

Monday Evenings: October 8, October 22, Nov 5 and Nov. 19
Time: 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Layna Kinsman
Layna’s Residence

Friday Evenings: October 12, Oct. 26, Nov 2 and Nov 16
Time: 7:00-8:30
Crystal Hnatko
Crystal’s Residence

Tuesday Evenings: Oct 2, Oct 9, Oct 23 and October 30
Time: 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Pam and Fred Nelson
Paradise Valley Estates (Ridley Room – Main Community Center)

Please call the church office for addresses and contact information of the leaders.

Pastor's Pen - September 2018

The Rev. Joanne Martindale

It is hard to believe that September is already upon us.

This fall begins the exciting process of the Mission Study. The Mission Study begins on Friday night, September 7, with a potluck from 6:00-­‐7:00 p.m. and the meeting following from 7:00-­‐9:00 p.m. I will bring Hawaiian chicken (enough for all) if you please bring appetizers, salads, side dishes, desserts and drinks.

Christie Sharpsteen (with Hope Partnership) will guide us with our understanding of the process for the Mission Study that will take place during the months of September and October. ALL congregation members are invited and encouraged to attend this important step which will ultimately help Rockville Presbyterian Fellowship know what direction to take in the future.

Following that meeting on Saturday, September 8, from 9:00-­‐3:00, Christie Sharpsteen will instruct the eight group leaders and Pastor Joanne about the Mission Study small group process. Christie will go over the structure, content and goals for the small groups.

My preaching throughout September and October will mirror some of the scriptures from the Mission Study which are:

1. Philippians 1:3-­‐11
2. Micah 6:6-­‐8
3. Matthew 28:18-­‐20

The FOUR sessions that will take place in small groups will have the following focus:

Session ONE: Marks of a Vital Congregation
Session TWO: Interpreting the New Beginnings Assessment
Session THREE: What it Means to be Missional
Session FOUR: Discerning our Future

Please do your very best to come to the small group that you commit to. In the next week, all leaders will be confirmed as well as the times and locations for the groups. Again, please select one group and stick with that group, if at all possible. If you are not able to attend one of
YOUR group sessions, please call another group leader to see when you can make up that particular session.

Thanks so much!! Pastor Joanne

Pastor's Pen - August 2018

I hope you are enjoying your summer! I hope you are finding a little time here and there for some rest and relaxation. I hope you are finding a little time here and there for some reflection about your year and planning ahead for the fall.

As you have been hearing, we are getting ready for our Mission Study, which will continue on Friday, September 7 with EVERYONE in the Church (at the church) at 6:00 p.m. for dinner. Then the New Horizons representative will be there and walk us through the Mission Study process that will continue in the fall.

Then on Saturday, September 8 all day, the LEADERS (who are hosting the small groups) will be trained, along with the pastor from 9:00-­‐3:00. After that time the leaders will host 4 consecutive sessions in their homes or at other locations of their choosing, to glean from the members their desires for the next direction of Rockville Presbyterian Fellowship.

Please plan to attend a small group in September and October for four weeks so your voice can be heard about the direction the church will go in its future.

It is an exciting time! Rockville Presbyterian is such an amazing church. It is a gift to be your pastor and I am excited about all we will learn together during this process. Until that time, enjoy your summer, some reflection, and rest.

Many blessings!
Pastor Joanne

Rockville To Host Community Homeless Outreach Meeting July 31st

Community Homeless Outreach Collective Conception Meeting

Open to the Public – Invite your friends and neighbors!

Tuesday July 31st, 2018 @ 7pm
Rockville Presbyterian Fellowship
4177 Rockville Road, Fairfield

Over the past few years there has been a rapid increase in our local homeless population. People are in need and the city, along with other community services, can only provide so much without help. We're looking at pooling our resources with any others in the community that are interested in helping bridge these gaps, with our main focus being on providing food. Together, we can make things happen. If we join forces, form an alliance & stick together, we can promote change. All while showing love and compassion to our fellow human beings.

Interested in learning more? Join us in creating an action plan. Let’s make a difference in our community and in someone's life.

Questions? RSVPs?

Contact: Sabrina Woods at or 707-718-4575

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller

Church Library Offers Wide Selection of Books and DVDs

Church Library Offers Wide Selection of Books and DVDs

A small selection of the RPF library book and DVD collection made a debut last month on the patio on Sunday mornings. We had many curious browsers and some borrowers who decided to take an item or two home. Summer is a great time to find a special (cool) spot to read a new book or watch a great movie. There are Bible study/meditation guides, inspirational biographies, a variety of hymnals, DVDs and fiction galore for all ages. No fines, ever! Stop by this month and see what we have to offer.

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Vacation Bible School Fun Had by All

Vacation Bible School Fun Had by All

This June, Vacation Bible School was filled with fun, fellowship and faith journeys as we learned how Jesus rescues every time—when we are lonely, worried, scared, and even when we make mistakes! Kids and adults alike enjoyed being "shipwrecked" on a deserted island, and celebrated Jesus' love with songs, dance, games, Bible lessons, dramatic play and of course awesome island dinners every night!

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Rockville Presbyterian Hosts Mission Solano Outreach Night

Fairfield's ONLY homeless shelter is in a state of emergency! Please join us to learn more about what our community is doing to maintain programs run by Mission Solano:

Mission Solano Community Outreach Night
Wednesday, June 20, 2018 at 7pm 
Presentations from Brandon Wirth, Mission Solano CEO and
Joanie Erickson, Executive Director of Solano Coalition for Better Health
Hosted by Rockville Presbyterian Fellowship Church
4177 Suisun Valley Rd, Fairfield

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Grant Received for Outreach Program Commercial Refrigerator

Grant Received for Outreach Program Commercial Refrigerator

Rockville Presbyterian Fellowship recently received a grant from the Contra Costa and Solano County Food Bank to purchase a brand new three-door commercial refrigerator to be used to store milk and perishable items for our outreach program located at the Salvation Army building. It can hold 192 gallons of milk.

Through partnerships with local dairies and markets we continue to accept, sort and distribute donations and offer bags of food and milk to those in need throughout Solano County.

We distributed 789 bags of food with milk serving 1792 individuals last month alone.

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Fellowship and Beauty of Tahoe Featured at Zephyr Point Retreat

Fellowship and Beauty of Tahoe Featured at Zephyr Point Retreat

The 2018 Annual RPF Memorial Day Weekend Retreat at Zephyr Point was the best ever with 47 people attending. A good time was had by all relaxing in the beautiful outdoor surroundings of Zephyr Point in South Lake Tahoe. We enjoyed inside and outside games, hiking, kayaking, going to the movies and shopping, s’mores, and lots of other activities. We had our worship service and Communion overlooking the lake and remembered our military service members who have passed as well as those who serve presently.

It was wonderful to reconnect with Pastor Larry and Lorraine

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RPF Member Releases New Book

RPF Member Releases New Book

RPF member Gary Dreibelbis has a new book to be released by Neely Worldwide Publishing Capitol Kid: A Baby Boomer Grows Up In Washington, D.C. which chronicles him growing up in and around D.C. from 1953-'72. "On the day I was born April 17th, 1953, the New York Yankees' Mickey Mantle hit a 565 ft. home run vs. the Washington Senators and out of Griffith Stadium in D.C. My Dad said he hit it because he knew I had arrived. I believed him for years."

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Pastor's Pen

Pastor's Pen

“But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” (I Peter 3:15a)

What is the reason for the hope that you have? Do you have hope? Does it fill you will joy?

May is always a month that fills me with joy. It usually is a month where I do much reflection. It is also a month of graduations, endings and new beginnings. Some youth are out of school in May, some programs stop and start in May.

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Pastor's Pen - March 2018

Pastor's Pen - March 2018

We continue our journey towards the cross through the month of March. It is our hope that on a daily basis, you are making use of your free copy of the Presbyterians Today 2018 Lenten Devotional now available from the church office. The devotional includes themes with scripture readings for each of the seven weeks before Easter. From Ash Wednesday to Easter, enjoy the Presbyterian resource for your spiritual development as well as the moments of reflection and discovery this resource offers. 

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Pastor's Pen - February 2018

Pastor's Pen - February 2018

Hello friends, February is upon us.

In January we had new members’ classes, a leadership retreat, rearranged the sanctuary, installed new officers, reorganized our church committees and talked about our upcoming Mission Study.

Our mission study will begin formally in April and will continue through April, May and June. This will be a time when we meet in small groups to talk and dream about the mission of the church and what we want for the future.

This month, in February, I will be conducting a new Bible study on Wednesday evenings from 6:00-7:00 pm using the Presbyterian Covenant Bible Study series.

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The Pastor's Pen - January 2018

The Pastor's Pen - January 2018

Happy New Year my Church friends and family!

January is going to be a very busy month:
There will be a leaders’ retreat for all elders and deacons on Friday January 26 from 6:00-9:00 and Saturday January 27 from 9:00-3:00 at Rockville Presbyterian Fellowship. I have been working on preparing for this retreat since I began as your Interim pastor on October 1.

I will also be sharing much of the materials with the entire congregation throughout the year. Please put those dates on your calendar and plan to attend. You will not be disappointed with all the new materials and subjects we will cover.

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