Pastor's Pen - April 2018

Rev. Joanne Martindale


Easter is over: The contents of plastic eggs have been eaten, hard boiled Easter eggs are now egg salad and only the head of the chocolate bunny remains in the box. Baskets have been tucked away in the basement waiting for next year. And Jesus has been tucked safely back in the tomb.

On Easter Sunday morning churches fill with people to celebrate the glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ. The pianist pulls out all the stops to fill the sanctuary with triumphant sounds to honor the risen Lord. Trumpet fanfares accompany the congregation’s voices, which are raised in the singing of Charles Wesley’s hymn, “Christ the Lord is Risen Today.” Choirs and the Praise band join in festive songs of victory. Hearts soar and joy fills the souls of the faithful who rejoice in Christ’s triumph over sin and death.

Then comes the morning after. The emotional charge of Easter Sunday has left our hearts. Our souls, which had soared upward into the heavens on the wings of the truth of the resurrection, are  brought earthward and burdened with the cares of the day. Our minds exchange meditations on the glories of Christ for a list of errands and groceries.

Our worldly cares, like traffic, bills and laundry, push any thoughts of Christ’s resurrection out of our minds. Doubt loudly declaring, “move along there is nothing to see here.” It also makes us question the Easter miracle, so that when we look back at the tomb, the stone covers the opening and we go back to our old lives; going about business as though Christ was lying cold, still and dead inside the sepulcher.

On the day after Easter, and each day after that, the stone remains rolled away from the entrance of Christ’s tomb and all God’s ministers must get to the divine work of proclaiming the eternal truth to a dying world that Christ is alive.

What a wonderful Easter we had here at Rockville Presbyterian Fellowship with a Passover Seder, Maundy Thursday/Good Friday service, Easter services, egg hunts, and 7 new members. So many people were blessed with the canned goods we collected as well as the food we provided for two of our own church families who are struggling with bills and food.

Our mission study will begin formally in April and will continue through the spring and into the fall. This will be a time when we meet in small groups to talk and dream about the mission of the church and what we want for the future.

So keep Easter alive and connect with your community of faith.


Fondly, Pastor Joanne