Missionary Josh Heikkila's Visit


Josh Heikkila, RPF’s missionary to Central West Africa, visited us during the month of October. He brought pictures, a song in Twi language that we learned to sing and artifacts that were sold to raise money for his ministry. Josh joined us for our church picnic where he also shared photos and stories of his work and the people of the region.

A big thank you to Heather and Kent DeVries who kindly housed him during his visit and to all the folks who took him out for a meal and to the Phil Glashoff art event. He told Dave G. that he was going to have to go on a diet when he got home to Accra, Ghana because we fed him so well.

Read more about Josh’s work as well as other mission projects we support at https://www.rockvillepresbyterian.org/world-mission/. To personally support Josh to enable him to continue his work, visit https://www.prebyterianmission.org/donate/E200353. His account number is E200353 and if you send a check please put this number on the MEMO line on the lower left hand side of your check. The donation phone number is 800-872-3283 for further information.