Pastor's Pen - November 2018

November is a time of thankfulness! Thankfulness for our families; thankfulness for our church; thankfulness to God for all of life’s blessings. November is a special month as we are working through our mission study groups. So much has been explored and talked about in regards to “OUR FUTURE STORY.”

Our small groups are gathering and sharing to give us a better picture of who we are and where we want to go, exploring the following questions:

1. What are the people in our congregation passionate about?
We LOVE to do this! Time flies when we do this. When we know we’re doing this – we all anticipate it with great excitement! We believe in it and are willing to sacrifice in order to focus on it.

2. What ministries or programs are we really good at?
What does our community need us to be good at? “Best” means better than everyone else. These are the programs or ministries that we are known for. Our “best at” allows us to utilize our God-given talents and gifts and apply them in a rich and meaningful way to be and share the good news of Jesus Christ in our community. Ideally, our “best at” clearly matches the need of the neighborhood or community in which we are located.

3. What resources do we have available to use and are they ready to be mobilized?
We stand on the shoulders of previous generations who have given sacrificially to this congregation and its facilities. How are we doing as stewards of this resource? Resources are more than just money and facilities. They also include Christians who give their time, trust, leadership. And the place in which we are located; is our building fully utilized for its mission? Does the building cost too much to maintain? Do we spend all of our time going to meetings, or doing mission?

What will our future look like?
These are exciting times when we can look at where we have been and decide where to go with the resources that God has given to us.

Our Future Story (the options New Horizons gives us in regards to the mission study):
a) Mission Redefinition b) Relocation c) Restart d) Parallel Start e) Adoption f) Close g) No Change h) No Decision

As we head into stewardship season, let’s continue to give and love freely as Christ has loved us. Thanks so much!!

Pastor Joanne