Update on Paradise Donations from Rockville Presbyterian members

Thank you so much for your contributions recently. We made three stops on Thanksgiving morning. The first was at Del Oro Animal Shelter where we donated paper towels, toilet paper, four 9x16 tarps, 48 wash cloths, as well as sheets, blankets and a rug. The next stop was at "tent city" in the Walmart parking lot where we handed out the 20 care bags from the church, flash lights and about $200 in gift cards. Then we took the rest to Miracle City, the long term donation center that opened on the 20th. There, we dropped off the soap donated by Napa Presbyterian plus so much more: 30 brand new blankets, 20 brand new pillows and protector cases, almost 20 brand new jackets, 48 new hand towels, 48 new washcloths, many bottles of shampoo, conditioner, 4 huge bottles dish soap, Tide, bleach, toothbrushes, toothpaste, first aid supplies, 2 cases of baby wipes, and more tarps, feminine hygiene supplies, and tissues.

Oroville Hope Center.jpg

After Thanksgiving, another Rockville Presbyterian member collected donations from friends and delivered them to the Oroville Hope Center, delivering $600 in gift cards, blankets, 20 new children’s coats, and many new toys to try to make the children’s Christmas a little brighter.

Plus, I have a great contact up there now so if anyone else is still interested in helping I'm happy to help facilitate that. God bless all who have helped to quickly help people and pets in need!

Sabrina Woods