Rockville Presbyterian Hosts Mission Solano Outreach Night

Fairfield's ONLY homeless shelter is in a state of emergency! Please join us to learn more about what our community is doing to maintain programs run by Mission Solano:

Mission Solano Community Outreach Night
Wednesday, June 20, 2018 at 7pm 
Presentations from Brandon Wirth, Mission Solano CEO and
Joanie Erickson, Executive Director of Solano Coalition for Better Health
Hosted by Rockville Presbyterian Fellowship Church
4177 Suisun Valley Rd, Fairfield

Despite reports regarding the closing of Mission Solano, the organization is still providing many important services for the community, and local leaders and several Rockville Presbyterian representatives report that they are doing a good job of turning things around. In a short amount of time, the current leadership at Mission Solano has brought back the original vision and purpose of this once thriving organization. Under the direction of their new CEO Brandon Wirth, they have improved services and streamlined processes, completely undeterred by the insurmountable debt inherited with the nonprofit.

However, even with these tremendous efforts, the debt continued to haunt them and it recently became clear it would be too much to recover from. In April, they realized they would have to close their doors unless something drastic happened, and recently they announced they had no choice but to file for bankruptcy.

Thankfully, there have been many organizations and individual people invested in keeping the shelter alive. These supporters believe in the new management. We can thank those amazing groups and individuals for funding the shelter to date but they can't continue to do it alone. The hunt is now on for another organization to take over the shelter but the most immediate goal is to make sure the Fairfield community continues to be able to serve those in need through this transitional period and beyond.

Community support is needed. We invite you to come to a Mission Solano Community Outreach Night, Wednesday, June 20th at 7pm at Rockville Presbyterian. Take this chance to get any questions you have answered about the organization. More importantly, hear how you can help keep Fairfield's homeless from ending up back on the streets. We hope you join us. 

Nehemiah Ch.3:1-32