The Pastor's Pen - November/December 2017

These fires in OUR California community have reminded us about the importance of life, community and faith in the midst of tragedy. As we watched homes burn in Santa Rosa, members of Rockville evacuated and others gathered our historical church documents so they wouldn’t burn, we can only watch, pray and be thankful we have each other. In a world of uncertainty, what I do know for sure is that God adores us and our Rockville community is strong, solid and tenacious.

As I step into a new role as your Interim Pastor, I am reminded that it takes a village to make a church and God is at the center. What a glorious history this church has had for 28 years with Pastor Larry and Lorraine Vilardo. We had a wonderful celebration on October 1, of their ministry and life at Rockville. Although they will certainly be missed, we enter into a new time of discernment for our church.

I am beyond excited to be your Interim pastor and journey with you to discover how Rockville will grow and change in the coming months and years. I ask that you share all ideas that you have about the changes you would like to see as well as the things that you love and would never want changed. This is a time of exploration, a time of caring and a time of discerning where God wants us to go as a community of faith.

I love meeting with people in groups or one-on-one: so feel free to call the church office and make an appointment with Melody about having lunch with Pastor Joanne. I welcome your insights, historical knowledge and new ideas. I am available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays for lunch. I look forward of all we will learn and how we will grow together in the coming years.

Warmly, Pastor Joanne