Pastor's Pen - July 2018

The Rev. Joanne Martindale

Important Information for the MISSION STUDY

We are finalizing the House Meeting Leaders this month, SO EXCITING!! Thanks for all who volunteered to be leaders!

Friday September 7 (places to be announced)
6:00 PM POTLUCK DINNER (please bring a dish to share)
7:00 – 9:00 Open to everyone who would like to participate in the House Meetings or would like to attend to see what the process is about

Saturday September 8 (places to be announced)
8:30 AM Coffee/Snacks
9:00 – 3:00 For House Meeting Leaders and Clergy Leader ONLY
(1 House Leader per 8-12 people attending House Meetings)

The church will have FOUR House Meetings (in as many groups of 8-12 people as needed) Each house group will meet four times:.

  • Usually the meetings will be spaced every other week, but sometimes once a month or once a week – whatever works best for the leaders and the church’s needs.
  • At the House Meetings the congregation will get copies of and read/go through the Assessment.
  • After the House Meetings, the different groups’ reports will be condensed into one report for the congregation. A BOLD decision will be made (i.e. Redefining Mission, Parallel Start, Close, etc)
  • If Church chooses Redefining Mission: A small group of 4-5 people will go through the Revisioning Resource process and write a full Future Story (also called a Capacity Report).

After House Meetings (and possibly after the Future Story Writing part of the Revisioning Resource process), Church’s Clergy Leader will receive three months of coaching from the Facilitator/ Coach to help move the Church forward in the process towards whatever BOLD decision has been made and into their Future Story.

(Note: The New Beginnings Process may be modified based on congregational needs and with mutual agreement between Hope Partnership and the congregation.

This is an exciting time in the life of the congregation. PLEASE PARTICIPATE, your insight matters!!!