Pastor's Pen - August 2018

I hope you are enjoying your summer! I hope you are finding a little time here and there for some rest and relaxation. I hope you are finding a little time here and there for some reflection about your year and planning ahead for the fall.

As you have been hearing, we are getting ready for our Mission Study, which will continue on Friday, September 7 with EVERYONE in the Church (at the church) at 6:00 p.m. for dinner. Then the New Horizons representative will be there and walk us through the Mission Study process that will continue in the fall.

Then on Saturday, September 8 all day, the LEADERS (who are hosting the small groups) will be trained, along with the pastor from 9:00-­‐3:00. After that time the leaders will host 4 consecutive sessions in their homes or at other locations of their choosing, to glean from the members their desires for the next direction of Rockville Presbyterian Fellowship.

Please plan to attend a small group in September and October for four weeks so your voice can be heard about the direction the church will go in its future.

It is an exciting time! Rockville Presbyterian is such an amazing church. It is a gift to be your pastor and I am excited about all we will learn together during this process. Until that time, enjoy your summer, some reflection, and rest.

Many blessings!
Pastor Joanne