Pastor's Pen - February 2019

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Wow, we are really speeding up with all that is going on with Rockville in February and March.

  • We are completing a mission study and having congregation groups to discuss “Our Future Story;”

  • We are calling a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) together and they will begin meeting in February;

  • We are baptizing a new baby Laila Kathleen Harris on February 3 at 10:00;

  • We are celebrating five new members on February 3;

  • We are Ordaining one of our own Gwyn to serve in the role of Deacon.

  • We are having our Annual Congregational Meeting on February 3 after the light brunch following the baptism.

  • We are also conducting Elder and Deacon Training on Saturday February 9 from 10:00 – 4:00. Also, if you are a leader and want to learn more about the life and working of Rockville – you are more than welcome to join in with the training. Just, please, RSVP to Pastor Joanne so she can plan the food accordingly.

  • Pastor Joanne is celebrating her 30TH Ordination Anniversary Celebration / Worship Service at 9:30- 11:00 on March 10 with a small reception immediately following. All are welcome.

This leads us to an important question.

How do we remain in the Lord as we flip the pages on the calendar from month to month, year to year? To be sure, we remain in the Lord by remaining in Christ – by seeing others before ourselves. We remain in the Lord by living as the baptized children of God and continually receiving his grace in Word and Sacrament in our weekly worship. We remain in the Lord through prayer for self, others and the world. We remain in the Lord in devotions upon God’s Word through Christian resources, new books that stretch us. We remain in the Lord by studying his Word. February will be a full month. Celebrate, love and care for those that God puts in your path.