Our Elders

What is an "Elder" and what do Elders do?

Elders are church members who are nominated by other church members to serve as leaders on a committee called the Session.  This group acts as the main governing body of the church. 

 If you are interested in elder leadership or know someone who is, talk with Pastor Joanne or send the Elder team an email at rockpres@aol.com. You may ask to have any of the elders contact you to address questions or concerns. Your correspondence is kept strictly confidential.  Our Elders would love to hear from you.


Jack Batson, Administration

Kris Herman-Jones, Christian Education

Carla Grokenberger, Clerk of Session

Craig Zimmerman, Treasurer/Stewardship/Nomination

Sara Isadore, Congregational Life

Dave Gaut, Mission, Evangelism and Communications

Gary Dreibelbis, Worship


What is a Deacon?

Deacons are church members with a gift for compassion and feel called to care for those in need. This may include hospital visits, serving home communion, arranging for meals or transportation in emergency situations or simply sending a birthday card to those in their parish.  They are lovely people who love you!

Need a Deacon?

Our deacons are listed below. If you’re not sure which deacon to contact, call the church office at 707-864-0581 or email rockpres@aol.com, (or email the deacon ministry directly using the contact form?).


Sharon Peterson, Moderator

Reta Jones, Treasurer

Karen Thor, Secretary

Judy Boswell

King Chittenden

Norrie Gardiner

Romulus Matthews

Peggy Rollins

Carola Sanders

Steve Vidmar